Additional Compensation Limits

Additional Compensation Limits

PS-43, Revision: PS0043.R03, Effective: May 16, 1995

Excerpt from PS-43: 

Additional Compensation Limitations for Academic and Administrative/Professional Employees & Computation of Summer Salary Rates for Academic Employees. 

Occasionally, academic and administrative/professional employees are asked to assume responsibility for additional duties unrelated to, or independent of, their normal work. When such assignments are clearly not a part of the employee's normal assignment, additional compensation may be permitted. A request must be approved prior to the beginning of the additional compensation assignment. It is the employee's responsibility to monitor his/her individual allowable compensation limit (see Additional Compensation Limitations below) and not to exceed the limit.

Typically, additional compensation outside the summer period is earned from departments other than the home department. Additional compensation work may include instruction, research or public service activities, which are generally short term in nature.

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