Graduate Council Membership | LSU Graduate School

LSU Graduate School Council 2017 - 2018


  • JOHN A. POJMAN, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, College of Science (At Large) (2020) (Associate Chair 2016; Chair 2017)
  • JINX C. BROUSSARD, PhD, Bart R. Swanson Endowed Memorial Professor of Mass Communication, School of Mass Communication (2021) (Associate Chair 2017)

  • PHILIP W. ADAMS, PhD, Professor of Physics, College of Science (2021)

  • STEVE C. S. CAI, PhD, Edwin B. and Norma S. McNeil Professor of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering (2021)

  • DONALD M. CHANCE, PhD, James C. Flores Endowed Chair Professor of MBA Studies, Ourso College of Business Administration (2017)

  • MARCIO de QUEIROZ, PhD, Roy O. Martin Lumber Co. Professorship of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering (At Large) (2019)

  • JOSEPH FRANCIS, PhD, Everett D. Besch Professor of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine (2022) 

  • PAUL J. FRICK, PhD, Roy Crumpler Memorial Chair Professor of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2021)

  • KRISTIN A. GANSLE, PhD, Professor of Education, College of Human Sciences and Education (2019)

  • CLAUDIA HUSSENEDER, PhD, Professor of Entomology, College of Agriculture (2022)

  • CHUCK LINDAU, PhD, Professor of Oceanography and Coastal Studies, School of the Coast and Environment (2019)

  • LEE ANN LOCKRIDGE, J.D., David Weston Robinson Professor of Law and McGlinchey Stafford Professor of Law, LSU Law Center (2021)

  • SUZANNE L. MARCHAND, PhD, Boyd Professor of History, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (At Large) (2020)

  • H. NACI MOCAN, PhD, Ourso Distinguished Chair in Economics, Ourso College of Business Administration (At Large) (2018)

  • TIMOTHY F. PAGE, PhD, Professor of Social Work, College of Human Sciences and Education (At Large) (2020)

  • JEFFREY PERRY, PhD, Manship Professor of Music Theory, School of Music, College of Music and Dramatic Arts (2021)

  • BRUCE SHARKEY, PhD, Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Art and Design (2022)