Spring Freshman

As a new student entering LSU, Experience LSU has designed a required new student orientation program to give you an opportunity to learn more about LSU, meet your fellow classmates, and schedule classes. We believe that success during your first semester will set the tone for your future.

This program is designed for all new freshmen who enter in the Spring. The program provides an overview of the University and helps you schedule classes. Here are the main components of this program:

  • Special interest sessions to enlighten you about LSU’s services and resources
  • A meeting with representatives from your Senior College to learn about your curriculum
  • Assistance with planning your first semester of coursework
  • Class scheduling for your first semester

Orientation Date: January 5, 2018

Tentative Agenda

spring freshman orientation - student agenda



You will need your PAWS Username and password to register for orientation through myLSU. You should have received your PAWS Username and Password when you applied for admission to the University.

Login to Register for Orientation

Registration Deadline: January 2, 2018


Orientation Cost: $140

If you pay by credit card, a 2.5 percent non-refundable processing fee will be added to your total.

Online Pre-Orientation Program: Freshmen entering LSU in the spring semester who complete the LSU Online Pre-Orientation Program prior to January 1 will receive a $25 credit on their spring semester fee bills. Visit mylsuorientation.lsu.edu and login with your PAWS ID and password to complete the program.

If you need to cancel your reservation & request a refund, please provide us with a written cancellation notice by emailing us at experience@lsu.edu. Refund requests must be received prior to December 15. Refunds will not be granted after this date.

Family Orientation*

If you have family members who are interested in registering for orientation as well, this should be indicated at the same time you complete your orientation registration. Family members will be able to:

  • Tour the Residence Hall where your student will be living
  • Learn how meal plans and TigerCASH work
  • Be in the know about financial aid and scholarships
  • Meet other LSU parents and hear firsthand the advice they have for incoming families
  • Learn how to join the Family Association and about the events offered for families throughout the year!

Family Orientation Cost: $50

*Please note: Family Orientation is a separate program from the student orientation program. While family members and students will separate for part of the program, they will also have the opportunity to attend select  sessions together.