Family Association Council Details & How to Participate


  • Provide leadership for the LSU Family Association
  • Serve as liaisons between members of the Association and Parent & Family Programs, reflecting the views of Association members to the administration, and advocating the goals and plans of the Association to its members
  • Provide programming support for related events by giving feedback and serving as volunteers, as needed. Events may include Family Weekend and Family Orientation programs
  • Assist in fundraising and development efforts in support of the Association


  • Become knowledgeable of campus activities, resources, and services in order to appropriately advocate for the university as well as uphold the mission of the Association
  • Attend Family Association Council meetings twice a year, as well as accompanying events (Fall: Family Weekend, Spring: Crawfish Boil Tailgate)
  • Participate in conference calls twice a year with the Family Association Council coordinated by LSU Parent & Family Programs
  • Give a leadership gift of $1000 or more to an LSU Family Association Fund
  • Serve as a resource and point of contact for family members of current LSU students, as well as those of prospective students
    • Actively steward a select group of parents to encourage attendance and support
    • Provide feedback on parent engagement strategies
    • Participate in, host or coordinate events such as regional gatherings of current and/or prospective LSU families
  • Satisfy a 2-year appointment  


Parent & Family Programs shall determine and fill necessary positions and create necessary committees in consultation with the Family Association Council members.

Council Eligibility

Each individual Council member shall be approved by and governed by Parent & Family Programs. Council members shall complete a Council Membership Form and fulfill the Leadership Gift requirement. 


Each Council Member shall serve a term of two (2) years. If a member’s student graduates or is no longer enrolled at the university before the term limit ends, the term shall be deemed to have expired and the member will no longer serve on the Council.

Members who wish to serve additional terms may do so by submitting a new Council Membership Form and Annual Leadership Gifts.

A member can voluntarily withdraw from the Council at any time by submitting a resignation in writing to Parent & Family Programs. Council members can be dismissed at any time by not abiding by or fulfilling the following:

  • Expectations of Council as stated above
  • Statement of Ethics
  • Other reasons deemed necessary by Parent & Family Programs 


Please fill out the online application to apply for the Family Association Council.


Lindsay McCrory
Interim Assistant Director, Parent & Family Programs  
328 Human Ecology, Baton Rouge, LA  70803 | 225.578.1173 O | 225.578.7899 F