Office of Diversity (OoD) Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020


The core tenants of the OoD Mission and University Diversity Statement provide a strong platform from which to launch a focused vision of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the next generation of growth and impact institutionally, regionally, nationally and globally. 

Our Vision is centered on five areas that will build upon and expand the current framework of the Office of Diversity:

  • Commitment to positively impacting the University’s Mission and Flagship 2020 vision
  • Providing enthusiastic leadership and support for Faculty recruitment, retention, training, program development, curriculum enhancements and research opportunities
  • Delivering holistic, success oriented, structured, pathways for student access, support, and success through degree completion and eventual membership into the alumni community
  • Improving campus climate and preparing University citizens to be culturally aware, engaged locally and connected globally
  • Developing collaborative partnerships and shared leadership internally and externally that will impact the advancement and financial support for the Office of Diversity and LS

Goals & Objectives 2015 - 2020

LEAD: Demonstate leadership and support of the LSU Flagship 2020

IMPACT: Impact the academic mission of the university and increase the diversity of the faculty, administration and students

TRANSFORM: Infuse diversity into the LSU campus culture and establish a reputation of inclusive excellence, regionally, nationally and globally

SUSTAIN: Increase leadership and support for the advancement of diversity initiatives and priorities at LSU


Office of Diversity Annual Report 2014-15