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Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Our department is interested in recruiting highly qualified graduate students who can benefit from our interdisciplinary perspectives. The overarching theme of our graduate courses and research is understanding and predicting ecological changes across gradients that extend from coastal areas across the continental shelf.

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Start your career in oceanography and coastal sciences now.

*Prospective graduates should complete the pre-application for the respective department prior to applying through the Graduate School.

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Faculty Directory

Our faculty are an experienced and diverse group with the knowledge and available research opportunities to train and mentor students.

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M.S. in Oceanogaphy & Coastal Sciences

Students can choose either a thesis or professional option. Discover the advantages of obatining a Master's in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.

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Graduate Minors

Interested in a minor? CC&E offers minors in Wetland Science and Management, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Toxicology, and Oceanography and Coastal Sciences. 

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