Internships & Co-ops

An internship provides you with practical work experience in your chosen field.



While its duration may be one semester, a summer, or an agreed-upon length of time between the student, employer, and school, internships are primarily single, planned educational experiences for students. You may receive academic credit or a grade for your internship work and internships may be paid or unpaid.

For-Credit Internships

For-Credit internships are administered by the student’s respective college and require assignments outside of work. If a student finds an internship on his/her own, it is at the discretion of that student to enroll in the course most fitting to that internship and it will require that the student receive permission from the respective instructor of record prior to participating in the internship. Below you will find suggested courses and instructors of record. If you are unsure of how your internship could translate for credit please email the Olinde Career Center at or contact the Internship Liaison for your senior college.

Parameters (e.g. requirements, agreements, assignments, grades) for such courses are at the discretion of your senior college. Please see University Policy Statement 38 for generally accepted guidelines.

Non-Credit Internships

Non-Credit Internships have no restrictions and no LSU requirements. They are part-time paid or unpaid positions that you take simply to gain valuable professional experience and build your resume. Please use caution in vetting an internship related to your career path.

Students who want to complete a for-credit internship during the summer must register for the summer term and enroll in a viable course. Students will be charged tuition for the summer term, they will work in their internship, and they will receive a grade and credit after turning in their required materials at the end of the summer term.



A co-op (or cooperative education) is a full-time, in-depth, paid work experience directly related to a student’s major and completed during two or more semesters that alternate with academic semesters. Co-op opportunities are frequently found in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, art and design, basic sciences, and agriculture.



Handshake offers a variety of internship and co-op opportunities to students, but the range and types of internships available to students extend far beyond the postings found there. Please review the  Internship/Co-Op Registration Policies and Resources.


On-Campus Interviewing program

Every fall and spring semester employers come to campus to interview and hire LSU students for internship, co-op and full-time job positions. It's an exciting time.


Next steps

If you obtain a co-op or internship position, the following links will help you maintain full-time student status while at work:

Registering your internship/co-op

IMMEDIATELY upon receiving an offer for an internship or co-op, it is critical that you contact Amy Caillouet in the Olinde Career Center at 225-578-2162 or to officially register your internship/co-op with LSU. Please review the Internship/Co-Op Registration Policies and Resources.

Then follow these instructions »

Student fees

You will be required to pay a fee each fall, spring, and/or summer semester that you register with the LSU Olinde Career Center to "go to work."

This fee covers all student fees normally paid with tuition. Payment is required to maintain full-time status while at work. The total amount of fees you must pay varies, but typically falls within the following ranges:

Fall & Spring: $350 - $375
Summer: $190 - $200

Student Tuition

Any course taken for academic credit requires the payment of tuition for that course.

You will be able to view the balance due in your myLSU Fee Bill once fee bills are available for the specific semester. The LSU Board of Supervisors can modify tuition and/or fees at any time without advance notice.


Share Your Experience

Please complete this survey to tell us about your recent work experience. This will help the LSU Olinde Career Center better serve you and your peers during the career process.