Scholarship Information

Please note that students who are eligible for a TOPS Scholarship are not eligible to receive an LSU Board of Supervisors’ Scholarship.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a LSU Board of Supervisors Scholarship.  In accordance with the Scholarship Regulations, please complete the application form attached and include a personal statement of no more than 750 words with your application.  Upon completion, submit the completed packet to the Office of Student Financial Aid on the campus where you are enrolling or are enrolled.  The financial aid office will complete the application and forward to the Board of Supervisors office.

Please review the Board of Supervisors Policy for important information about the scholarship provisions including value limitations and scholastic performance requirements. Download the Policy.

Once an application is received by the Board of Supervisors office it will be maintained for the entirety of the academic year.  Below are the deadlines for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Spring 2017
Applications due by November 15 NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
Scholarships awarded by January 15

Summer 2017
Scholarships awarded by May 15

Fall 2017
Applications due by June 15
Scholarships awarded by August 15

Students awarded a non-resident fee exemption are still responsible for the payment of tuition.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Office of the LSU Board of Supervisors