Shaun Tanger

Assistant Professor

246 Martin D. Woodin Hall



College of Agriculture

Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness


  • Forestry Economics
  • Forestry Policy
  • Forestry Finance




Ph.D. Forestry, Emphasis Areas: Economics and Policy. Auburn University, 2009

M.S. Economics. Auburn University, 2006

M.S. Forestry. Auburn University, 2006

B.S. Wildlife Biology. Auburn University, 2004


Director of Renewable Resources Extension Act Extension Program, 2015-current.

Assistant Professor,  Louisiana State University, 2013-current.

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Forest Policy Center,  2010-2012.

Instructor of Economics, Auburn University, 2009-2013.

Research Interests

Primarily, I’m focused on how economic agents respond to biological and natural risks. What are the economic impacts associated with those risks and how do economic agents respond to them. Relatedly, how do economic decisions/conditions influence those resources?

Another area I am interested in is how environmental legislation gets made. Specifically, if and how science is used in determining the composition of legislative production and environmental policy in both the formulation stage and execution of that legislation or policy.

I’m also interested in more traditional lines of enquiry in the forestry literature: Stumpage price modeling, forest management and economic sensitivity analysis, forest financial performance, and forest policy analysis using public choice theory.

My extension focus is in designing decision tools for landowners, economics and personal forest management, reaching underserved forest groups- absentee landowners, supply chain issues facing forest products, and the aging workforce in forestry.


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Project/Proposal Title: Timber Product Outputs Survey Collection and Wood Utilization Studies. USDA Forest Service Cooperative Agreement. 2016-2017. Principal Investigator. $136,202

Project/Proposal Title: Trends in Louisiana’s Logging Industry. Co-PI. Source of Support: Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Award Amount: $25,000. Period Covered: 2016.

Project/Proposal Title: Impact of Feral Hog damage to Louisiana Farmers. Principle Investigator. Source of Support: LSU AgCenter. Award Amount: $70,000.  Period Covered: 2014.

Project/Proposal Title: Alabama Forests Forever Foundation. Co-PI. Source of Support: Alabama Forests Forever. Award Amount: $10,000 Period Covered: 2011-2012.


Recipient of the Award for Excellence for Exceptional Programming, Southern Regional Extension Forestry. 2015

Recipient of the Spark Plug Award, Louisiana Society of American Foresters. 2015

Co-recipient of the Denver T. and Ferne Loupe Extension Team Award, Louisiana State University AgCenter. 2014

Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture, Louisiana State University.2013