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Why does LSU, a state university, need private gifts?
State appropriations are not sufficient to cover the rising costs of higher education. LSU must rely also on tuition and fees, grants and private gifts to generate the funds necessary to operate. Private donations will allow LSU to strengthen the current public-private partnership that currently exists. Only then can we continue to provide the quality education, research and service programs, and student and academic services and programs that are necessary for a Flagship University.

How do I choose where to give at LSU?
There are numerous ways to give a charitable gift to LSU. There are three foundations that manage gifts and private donations on behalf of the university. The LSU Foundation, LSU Alumni Association, and the LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation. Each manages different types of gifts and there are many opportunities that allow donors to designate gifts for a specific purpose. Below is a list of the foundations and the types of gifts they manage.

  • LSU Foundation manages gifts directed toward academic units, colleges and specific academic related programs such as scholarships, professorships, naming opportunities, etc.
  • The Alumni Association manages the “Top 100” Scholarships as well as raising funds for various student programs, and a host of alumni activities.
  • The Tiger Athletic Foundation raises support for student athletes and the LSU Athletic Department. They also manage the Foundation of Champions Scholarship Program endowment for student athletes.

How does the LSU Foundation, LSU Alumni Association and the Tiger Athletic Foundation relate to one another?
Each of these private foundations raise and manage different types of gifts on behalf of Louisiana State University. The Alumni Association conducts annual drives for unrestricted funds and raises money for the Top 100 Scholarships and various other programs. The LSU Foundation directs major gift fund raising in support of educational excellence. The Tiger Athletic Foundation raises support for student athletes and the LSU Athletic Department.

Who determines the LSU’s fund-raising priorities?
The setting of fund-raising priorities for LSU is a university-wide endeavor. The Office of Institutional Advancement along with the administration at Louisiana State University works closely with the three foundations to communicate the university’s priorities and needs. Though these priorities are the primary focus of the University’s fund-raising efforts, ultimately it is the donors who will designate which programs or colleges their gifts will benefit.

Can I make a specific gift to benefit a specific college or program?
A donor can make a gift to any area they wish, whether it is in the area of academia, student services, naming opportunities, memorials, athletics, or alumni programming. Please contact Bunnie Cannon, Executive Director for Institutional Advancement 225-578-0302 or by email bcannon@lsu.edu), should you have questions or need to be directed to the appropriate foundation.

What is an endowment and what is the benefit of endowments?
An endowment is a permanent account maintained within the assets managed for the benefit of the University. It is permanent because the principal is never spent. Only earnings from investment of the principal may be expended for the designated purpose. Endowed funds are regarded as important commitments to the donors and key assets for the financial future of the University. A donor who gives an endowment knows that decades from now his gift will provide the same benefits it does today.

There are a number of ways to support scholarly activity of undergraduates and graduate students at LSU. Whether you choose to support LSU by giving to the LSU Alumni Association, LSU Foundation, or the Tiger Athletic Foundation, your contribution will help students for generations to come. A donor may direct a gift to the corpus of an endowment, or provide a gift that can be immediately used for support.


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